Daranak Falls: A Mini Getaway + Quick Guide

2 days before my Thesis topic defense, my friends and I decided to have a mini-getaway at Daranak Falls, Tanay Rizal. Thankfully, it only took us 1.5 hours to get there from Katipunan (our meet-up place), and we were able to fit the trip into our busy schedules. Daranak Falls is a 14-meter high waterfalls that cascades into a deep natural pool. The cold, clean water makes the trip perfect for the summer and a great and very affordable place to unwind and just relax for a bit and leave the stress in the city.

We decided to go to Daranak on a Sunday, at around 8:30am. The place was a little crowded that time since it was a weekend, so if you want to have the falls all to yourself, I suggest going on a weekday. Going there was pretty easy by car (1.5 hrs). But alternatively, you can also ride a van going to Tanay Market, then get a tricycle taking you to Daranak falls (2-3hrs). My friends and I used the Waze app in all our travels since we’re not really good at directions (lol), so if y’all have data plans, GPSs are the way to go.

Since we’ve been experiencing the summer heat already for the bast few weeks, it felt really gooooood going in the water since it was really cold. The fact that it was also super clean made me want to stay there for a long time. We also got those round floaties, which can be rented for about P40 each for the big ones and P30 for the small ones. The only problem I had that time was choosing the wrong slippers haha! Since there were so many rocks, walking around the area was already pretty hard for me. But oh well, next time.

Requirements: Passport, and at most $35 depending on the tour you’ll be taking (make sure to bring cash and get it exchanged at the foreign exchange desk nearby)

Daranak Falls is open from 8:00am-5:00pm daily. The entrance fee is P50 for kids and adults. Picnic sheds are available for P300 and picnic tables are for P200. Also, the bathrooms are relatively clean and have a fee of P5 for both the shower and toilets.

We were quite happy since we only spent more or less around P150 for the whole stay there, excluding gas and food (we bought our own food btw, but there’s also a canteen around there). From what I’ve heard though, the prices last year were a little cheaper. But I guess since more and more people are starting to visit the area, they’ve been asking for a higher maintenance fee.

It was really nice knowing that there are still pretty nice places like this around Metro Manila. Already planning to go back here with my friends on a weekday and I can’t wait! I’m also hoping that I get to discover more places like this soon. Huhu fingers crossed for more adventures this year.

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